E.G. Radig, Inc. is a full-service Land Surveying firm. Located in beautiful Boulder City, Nevada, we do most of our work in Clark County. From property corners to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, no job is too big or too small.


In 1969, Elmer G. “Al” Radig relocated from the state of California to Boulder City, Nevada and established E.G. Radig and Associates, a land surveying company known today as E.G. Radig, Inc. after incorporating in 1989.  Al began his land surveying career with the Department of Water and Power of Los Angeles in California and continued with the State of California Department of Public Works, Division of Highways District VIII, where he stayed for 18 years.  He served as President of E.G. Radig, Inc. for 24 years before retiring in 1993.  Al’s extensive surveying background provided a solid foundation for the successful entry of an emerging business into the powerful Southern Nevada land surveying arena.  Through steady, proactive development of the business, E.G. Radig, Inc. has become a valuable asset to the Professional Land Surveyor industry of today.


Central to our success as a business is client satisfaction.  Operating as a small business concern, E.G. Radig, Inc. has the unique and rewarding opportunity to offer administrative and technical guidance to clients on a grass-roots level, creating a team-effort atmosphere and structured strategy culminating in successful, long-term relationships.  In addition to our service for the smaller based community, we are fully capable of aggressive engagement in projects of significant magnitude, evaluating and resolving challenges while balancing heavy demands within the confines of critical deadlines, all core components of effective management.  We enthusiastically welcome opportunities to serve both the private as well as public sectors of society.